JUJU GEN: A Conceptual Digital Fashion Brand

JUJU GEN is an innovative brand, challenging traditional gender norms and fostering a deeper understanding of gender identities. Our designs harbor intentional ambiguities, inviting exploration and interpretation.

We aim to build bridges within the non-binary and homosexual communities across generations. Further, JUJU GEN actively supports charities, providing resources for the homosexual community aged fifty and over.

JUJU GEN is a conceptual brand, existing only in the digital space. It's not about producing intangible goods; rather, it reflects on the growth of virtual fashion. As society transitions towards digital spaces, JUJU GEN embraces the medium of digital accessories - unrestricted, boundless, and adaptable to any form.

In an age where technology has conquered death, JUJU GEN envisions a future where one's consciousness can be uploaded to the cloud. We aim to serve as a digital satellite, storing the identities of contemporary senior citizens and allowing them an extended digital existence.

Inspired by my 2019 project "Queeroes of London", JUJU GEN aspires to digitize the narratives of senior LGBTQ+ individuals, allowing them to exist in perpetuity, waiting for future exploration. We aim to serve as the digital ferryman, offering an alternative to worldly life and death.

Current metaverse constructs are modeled on our reality, and we propose a reinvention of these norms. The physical forms that are an inheritance from our bipedal ancestors, require a refresh in the virtual domain. JUJU GEN is about introducing new paradigms and novel aesthetic elements.